This Hashtag Tool Will Help You Reach Beyond Your Followers

I used to work for the Yellow Pages. Everything has a heading or category there. Whether you use printed directories or not, category based search has become one of our default search techniques. As digital media has evolved, new categorization methods have developed. Search engines have keywords and social media has hashtags. But hashtags serve as much more than just categories. They link conversations and increase visibility.

The social media tool RiteTag will help you reach beyond your followers with a multi-channel hashtag analysis. Hashtags are commonly associated with Twitter. However Google+, Instagram and several other social networks use hashtags to group conversations and content. RiteTag presents a unique opportunity to learn about the most relevant hashtags for any topic across all channels (that support hashtags). People are hungry for content to consume and share, and the right hashtag (or RiteTag) can increase visibility in front of just the right crowd. The real question is, ‘Which is the RiteTag?’

If you have a bit of an idea about the kind of topics that your followers are interested in, you can use this tool to find popular associated hashtags. Then you can break it down further and monitor activity for those tags on Twitter, Google+ and more. In addition, you can also see who is using those tags and the context they’re used in.

4 Ways You Can Use RiteTag To Access A Larger Audience

1. Extending Reach

It doesn’t matter if you have 10 or 100,000 followers – if you include the right hashtag in your tweet or status update, it will potentially be exposed to millions of eyeballs (not just your followers).

2. Research

Whether you need an understanding of your competitors strategy, or you are researching for a blog post – you can use this tool to research keywords and tags you didn’t even know existed.

3. Community

RiteTag is an excellent way to identify people who are active and influential in your space. With the right hashtags, you’ll have an opportunity to develop relationships, build trust and even form communities.

4. Brand Development

Leverage associated keywords and tags for your brand – if folks are talking about your brand online you want to be part of that conversation.

Here’s an example of some keyword research using RiteTag:

So when you consider the growth of Google+ and Twitter, and the recent talk of Facebook using hashtags, there has never been a better time to learn more about using the right hashtags. RiteTag founder Saul Fleischman told me in an interview that the idea came from a need to find the right hashtag to link conversations during an earthquake.

As a startup in BETA, RiteTag is constantly evolving and thrives on user feedback for improvement. It’s the only tool that helps you identify hashtags for 9 social networks (so far) based on a query word and not necessarily a hashtag. Regardless of the topic, this tool can help you find and participate in the social media conversations you’re interested in and reach far beyond your followers. Give RiteTag a try here:

Reach Far Beyond Your Followers

RiteTag Hashtag your followers

Image Credits: [Social Strategies] [Tom Fishburne] Video: [RiteTag]