Help #NYChaos win the #ChevySXSW and keep NY pride alive.

I’m sure you’re probably wondering what that all means? No problem, that’s why I’m here to help you understand.


Chevrolet has devised an ‘amazing race’ between 8 teams from all over the United States. We all have hashtags to represent our team names, ours is #NYChaos (@bsimi, @iamkhayyam, @jessicarandazza, @nmcglynn, @sarahmcsimmons). The #ChevySXSW part it to represent Chevy of course and to also append to it the fact that all 8 teams are Gumball Rallying their way to Austin Texas where currently some 40,000 odd geeks, nerds and interactive internets worshippers congregate. It’s the Mecca for nerds.

Along our journey we have been given missions to complete. Each time we complete them, we get some point. We get extra points if we can incorporate our vehicles into the challenge. For example, one of our photo challenges is to capture us at each state line crossing where the welcome sign is, 1 point. An extra point for having your vehicle in the picture. You’re starting to get the picture, right?

This is where you come in and why this post exists. We need your help. We also get points if people COMMENT on our challenges that we have posted on Chevrolet’s site Now don’t go running of commenting nilly willy on just any old picture or video you see. Please ensure you are commenting on #NYChaos content only. You can also Facebook it up at, please COMMENT, like and share with all that you know.

Remember, we only have precious hours left to bring the pride back to New York. Oh, did I forget to mention, that the winner receives $10,000 to put towards the biggest and nerdiest ‘tweetup’ known to nerdkind?! Yup, ten thousand smackers! That would by a lot of fancy schmancy things.

Team #NYChaos has no intention of spending one cent of that $10,000. However, we are committed to alotting it to host a fundraiser to raise even more than $10,000. That’s how we do, we give back!

And remember, please go to the Chevy SXSW site and comment on only #NYChaos content or visit our facebook page at

So just to give you a taste of what it’s been like on the road and some of the challenges we faced, we’ve aggregated our content here. And might I just say that is a fantastical service to bring all your online presence in one place?

Click on the picture to vicariously live through #NYChaos.

Chevrolet has done an amazing job (also have to give up some propers to OnStar) on this amazing race. However, it’s no longer a race to team #NYChaos, it’s a mission to help others and a HUGE lesson in how when we all work together, magical things can happen.

Our call to action is to COMMENT, COMMENT, COMMENT until your fingers are bleeding! Ok, I’m over exaggerating but you get the drift.

Thank you for taking the time to help.

The Universe rewards those that go with the flow and help team #NYChaos :)