Facebook Supposedly Incorporating Facebook Hashtags Into The Service

Get ready for Facebook hashtags! I’m one of those weird people who didn’t sign up for a Facebook account until I had been on Twitter for two years. When I posted my very first Facebook status, I put a hashtag in it. I didn’t really think about it since I was so used to putting hashtags in my tweets. I immediately got comments from people about how strange it was to see Twitter hashtags on Facebook. It seems hashtags may become more common on that site after all.

Facebook is supposedly working on incorporating Facebook hashtags into their service (according to the WSJ and Mashable). Whether you love or hate Facebook, there’s no denying that the engineers and marketers at Facebook are constantly coming up with ways to enhance their service. The news of Facebook hashtags comes on the heels of the new news feed announcement from earlier this month and the Graph Search feature.

Basically Facebook will learn everything they can from how Twitter hashtags have evolved over the years. Plus, since Instagram already uses hashtags, it seems like Facebook hashtags are a natural transition. There is still something strange though about Facebook becoming more like Twitter.

Do you know how Twitter hashtags came about in the first place? According to the WSJ article, Twitter users came up with hashtags over five years ago. Now, Twitter hashtags are so effective that they’ve jumped off Twitter and are used on billboards, television commercials and all kinds of media to direct people into an organized conversation on Twitter about certain topics. A lot of people use them for fun too, and they can definitely dress up a tweet to make it more interesting.

There is no word yet about when the Facebook hashtags will be launched, and as of right now, Facebook isn’t even confirming they are working on it.

Facebook Hashtags Are Supposedly On The Way



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