History Of Facebook Privacy Fails & How They Affect Us [Infographic]

Facebook has had so many privacy fails over the past several years that we’ve pretty much all been affected by them in one way or another. Even Mark Zuckerberg’s own sister was affected by it all last week when she posted a private photo on Facebook (meant for only select people to see) which ended up circulating on Twitter. The reason that happened was because of the privacy settings on Facebook. You can read more about that on Mark Zuckerberg’s Sister Randi Complains Of Privacy Breach. When you look at the entire history of Facebook privacy fails, you start to see that they’ve affected us more than we might realize, and our need for personal privacy is changing.

I’ve read a lot of articles over the past few weeks about the trends we’ll most likely see in the coming year. One thing that keeps coming up on all those lists is privacy. 2012 was a year when we seemed to put everything about ourselves online. 4.8 million Internet users even took it a step further and posted where they would be and when. It seems there was no privacy at all. However, in 2013 things will apparently change a bit. We will look for ways to maintain a more private life, and we’ll respect our own privacy more.

Gone are the days when people will look for their “15 minutes of fame” and instead they’ll want their “15 minutes of privacy.” In this infographic called Facebook #PrivacyFail by TopWebDesignSchools.org, you’ll get to see the history of Facebook privacy fails and how people reacted to those. It will be fun in the future when instead of looking at the history of Facebook privacy fails, we look at the history of reestablishing our privacy. Although some people say we’ll never be able to go back, I think we will. Only time will tell.

The History Of Facebook Privacy Fails

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Header Image Credit: [moszoro / deviantART]