How Airlines Use Twitter [Infographic]

It’s not a complete surprise that more and more companies actually get what Twitter is all about.  It’s not even a huge surprise that companies that seemingly wouldn’t really profit from tweeting (because of the way the company is run) are still starting to embrace the service.  I personally think it’s great, and it sheds new light on how they are evolving into something more organic rather than just huge corporate infrastructures that even the tycoons of the business find boring in today’s business landscape.

It’s not only inspiring, but it also goes to show that Twitter has an enormous impact on any company if they just decide to use it right.  By “right,” I don’t mean following all the guidelines that have been set up by the early adopters of the service.  No, I mean to use it in the way that it profits the company and enhances the look of the brand without necessarily becoming a boring ole discount sharing tweet machine.

It’s interesting; however, to see how airlines have adopted Twitter in their own form.  The instant recognition of right and wrong is what stands out the most here.  If a negative tweet is tweeted by an unhappy customer, the airline has a chance to deal with the issue right away.  Whether it be to dismiss the complaint or to reward the customer in public for pointing out service flaws, it’s a way to reach out and do some good.

This really interesting infographic from Travel 2.0 Consulting is a great look at how airlines are adopting the service, and how they supposedly are doing it.  But as with any company, the larger it is, the harder it will become to keep track of what everyone is doing.  So, all the negativity might not hit the highest hen before the damage is already done.  I am sure they are working on optimizing that… or so I hope!

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Airlines On Twitter Statistics Infographic