How Most Brands Are Using Twitter In 2013 [Chart]

If you were to use a social media tool to analyze your Twitter feed, what do you think you would find? There are tons of those little tools out there, and they graph everything from how often you tweet to which tweeps you engage with the most. When you start getting into it, you’ll find that it’s all very interesting data. When you look at how brands are using Twitter, it gets even more interesting because unlike most of us who just tweet for fun, they have a strategy in place.

Brandwatch surveyed over 250 brands in the United States and the UK to get a pulse on how brands are using Twitter in 2013. Then My Clever Agency took the data they found and designed it into this chart so we can get the info at a glance.

It’s no surprise that more brands are using Twitter now than in 2011, but there are some other juicy nuggets on here that I wouldn’t have guessed. For example, the top 10 most followed brands on Twitter tweet every 6 – 20 minutes. Now that is a lot of tweeting! You have to wonder if that number of tweets contributes to the reason why they are the most followed brands, or if they tweet that often as a result of that.

I also wouldn’t have guessed that 63% of brands are using Twitter on multiple accounts or that brands in the States tweet so much more than brands in the UK. It’s all just food for thought. If you are a social media manager who wants to someday get your company on the list of the most followed brands on Twitter, you might use this chart as a guide to point the way. If you click over on the My Clever Agency link above, you’ll find a well written post about the details of this study if you’d like more information about it.

How Most Brands Are Using Twitter In 2013

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Via: [All Twitter]