How Effective Is Twitter For Asking Questions? [Infographic]

How do you primarily use Twitter? There are so many different ways to use the site. I could probably make a list of 100 different ways I’ve seen people use Twitter, and the options are really endless. I use it to keep in touch with my friends, meet new friends, to share music and links, to learn new things about every topic you can think of, and to keep up with breaking news. Most people would agree that news hits the Twitter stream first, and the local new stations much later.

I occasionally ask questions on Twitter, but not very often. Yesterday day I asked my followers what their computer wallpaper looked like because I was doing research for the post What Your Computer Wallpaper Reveals About You. However, I don’t typically ask very many questions on Twitter. Some people, on the other hand, use Twitter primarily for asking questions. They might be journalists, reporters or bloggers who are trying to get a gauge on the popular opinion surrounding any given topic. I’ve also seen tweeps who often take a #poll and ask their followers simple questions like “Should I wear a tie to the wedding?” or “Where’s a good restaurant in downtown Miami?

InboxQ recently compiled information based on a survey of 1,825 Twitter users to create this infographic which takes a closer look at Twitter as it relates to asking questions. Some of this information on here seems obvious to me since I’m on Twitter everyday; however, other aspects of it were surprising. I have personally noticed something that is interesting to me about asking questions in social media. I have 1,094 friends on Facebook and 45,530 followers on Twitter. Sometimes when I ask a question on both sites, I get more answers on Facebook. For me, when it comes to engagement, Facebook is winning. Don’t get me wrong though, Twitter is still my favorite site out of all the social media sites out there. What has been your experience with asking questions in social media?

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Twitter For Asking Questions

Via: [Fast Company]