How To Grow Your YouTube Channel

YouTube is the most popular video-sharing website in the world, but did you know that it has a whopping 2 billion active users a month? By 2025, this figure is projected to grow to 3 billion. Today, there are 40% more channels with six-figure earnings per year than 12 months ago! Discover the best ways to grow your YouTube audience below.

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Why Should People Subscribe To Your Channel?

The majority of users subscribe to channels with educational content or “how-to” videos on their subject of interest, most commonly career, industry, and hobbies. Humorous content is interesting to around 17% of respondents, according to HubSpot. Thus, if you choose the type of animated video that engages a wider audience, your following will grow. So, what exactly should you do to capture their attention?

1. Create Educational Videos About Careers

Most often, consumers go online in search of answers to their questions. If you publish the topics they want to see like general business content (e.g., sales and marketing strategies), you will attract more attention. Help your viewers learn and get ahead in their careers.

2. Create Educational Videos About Hobbies

If career-oriented content does not match the concept of your channel, consider related hobbies. For example, a landscaping company could create videos with gardening tips. To boost conversions, your videos must offer clear value for free. If subscribers perceive you as an expert and their go-to source, they will be more likely to make a purchase.

3. Create Dynamic Videos

To be interesting for the remaining 17% of the audience, you need entertaining videos. However, you cannot create engaging content unless you know your audience well. What do they like or dislike? What makes them tick? This brings us to the next point.

4. Study Your Audience

Think about the likes and dislikes of your viewers. What do they prefer to see? What content do they expect from you? Maybe they just want to relax and watch people clean houses.  Think about the reasons that would resonate with the viewers the best, and lean into them.

5. Reformat Top Content

Reformatting content that has attracted the most views and likes outside of YouTube is another proven way to grow the channel. For example, you may turn popular blog posts into videos. This way, you will be sure you are sharing something the audience will appreciate. Reformatting lets you start out ahead. Alternatively, you can go in the opposite direction and convert a Youtube video to text and create an article based on it. By doing so, you can reach an even wider and more diverse audience.

6. Optimize the Content

Make your videos more visible by implementing the best SEO practices. Include target keywords in both titles and descriptions. Mention them in the videos, too. The internal search algorithm will use the clues to understand what your content is about. If it generates engagement, it will rank higher in the search results.

How Long Does It Take?

On average, a YouTube channel needs 22 months to get 1,000 subscribers. Growth is crucial: without optimization, you will get less than 10% of the total views. Good luck!

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