YouTube Earnings For The Top 1,000 Partners [Infographic]

People have always seemed to be interested in knowing about what kind of money YouTube partners make. Some people overestimate it, while others underestimate it. Naturally, the YouTube partners themselves seldom comment about how much money they make. Of course there is some ballpark that we can determine by just figuring out how successful a person would have to be in order to make a living from subbing videos to YouTube and building a following on this highly entertaining social media service. It depends a lot on the level of engagement your following and subscribers have on your channel. If they don’t click the ads, there will be little revenue for you to collect. However, there are some interesting YouTube earnings statistics to derive here.

In a recent study conducted by OpenSlate through the YouTube API, it’s quite apparent that if you manage to hit the top 1,000 channels list, you could make somewhat of a good living. Of course, the premium top channels overshadow and pollute the lower level channels with their insane revenue streams, but it should still be a good indicator about how well you would have to do.

We are also treated to some other very interesting statistics about what the top 1,000 channels broadcast in order to make their YouTube earnings increase. I wasn’t too surprised to see what the top three genres presented. Music videos are pretty much the trademark of YouTube, and gaming videos have made a huge impact on the service’s popularity. Commentators are becoming more and more sophisticated, and the gaming videos sometimes look like they are almost directed in order to make them go viral faster.

This infographic called The Top 1,000 YouTube Channels: A Look At The Premium In Online Video is a great look behind the veil of YouTube’s front facade. It presents a deeper understanding about what is going on, and what really makes YouTube such a popular medium to use and share videos through. The top 1,000 channels have a combined view count of roughly 11.3 billion views. The YouTube earnings stemming from that roughly averages $23,000 per channel. That is quite a lot of YouTube earnings when you think about it. Of course, it’s only about 10-15% of the channels that are making that or more. The top channels are making way more than $23,000 a month, which pollutes the average result by quite a lot.

If you are keen on starting your own YouTube channel in order to rake in those YouTube earnings, this is a good infographic to consult. You will be able to derive a lot of useful information in order to maximize your YouTube earnings from the start. However, building a strong and engaged YouTube following that will actually generate YouTube earnings takes both time and energy. Your dedication has to be super strong, and what I have personally seen is that it takes roughly up to a year or two in order to reach a large enough following to make any significant YouTube earnings from your hard work. You should also remember that when you start hitting it big, people will watch all of your videos. This means that you will start making money on videos that you might have posted a couple of years ago. I have seen this happen for commentators over and over again. If you have a good series, people will want to check out where it all started. It’s just the natural way people take on your content on YouTube.

But, don’t start a YouTube channel just to make money. As always, when it comes to social media and networking, you have to have strong content. The only way to produce that is to have fun and engage people through that content. That is the hardest part about being a YouTube entrepreneur. Do you have what it takes to make the leap from ordinary to celebrated? Only you know the answer to that question.

YouTube Earnings For The Top 1,000 Channels


Via: [Nerd Graph]