How To Build Relationships Thru Your Blog!

More and more people are going online and for varied reasons.  Some do it for pure information and research and others to connect with people from all over the world.  Ever since I started being more active online, I’ve noticed that the gap in time and distance is becoming more and more irrelevant.  There are so many avenues where by people can now connect.  You have Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn, etc…

Have you read the article that my friend Diana wrote here on Bit Rebels? 10 Tips To Build Meaningful Relationships on Twitter.  Did you know that as bloggers you can build meaningful relationships with fellow writers and readers as well?  How you may ask?  Here are some of the things I personally experienced when I started to blog.

1. Comment on other Blog sites –  I have already given the benefits of commenting on blogs you read on The 5 Reasons You Should Comment on Blog Posts. Ultimately, when you leave comments, you get to open your world to other bloggers and their readers.  Most of the people I am also close to on Twitter I met first through blog sites.  I would often times get invited to write guest posts and from there I became really good friends with the owners of the site.  One prime example would be @Minervity.  I started visiting his blog and would make comments, later on we would collaborate on some new materials, overtime he has discovered my love for writing and now I am part of Bit Rebels.

2. Respond to comments made on your blog – There are people who love commenting on blogs and if they happen to make a comment on your blog, take the time to engage with them.  The circumstance is perfect as you know that you are discussing a topic that you both are interested in.  Maybe they are already following you on Twitter, but they are just afraid to talk with you real time, and the place they would most probably do it is through your blog.  Take this opportunity to speak with them in an area where they are comfortable.

3. Write content that encourages conversation –  I love it when I see people having creative and constructive conversations on blogs.  So I believe it is important that one also provide content that is thought provoking or topics that are relevant to the times and to the niche that you have chosen to write about.  I myself have learned so much by just reading through the conversations.  I am amazed at writers who, in their own way, are able to create engaging content, so much so that the article comes to life and people are touched with the written word and they share it and live it.

4. Share and Collaborate – The main reason that I do love writing here at BitRebels is the collaboration and the sharing that happens between the writers.  Other than Bit Rebels, I am very lucky to know people who are authentic and people who would really go out of their way to support and encourage.  I am speaking both online and offline friends.  They would visit the blogs I write, make comments and also discuss other topics that they know would help me grow as well as my readers.  I always value the tips and the push to grow.  Being open to suggestions is another way to build relationship.  Giving is important too!

Building any relationship whether offline or online does not happen over night.  It takes commitment and discipline.  Giving is always better than just receiving.  Besides blogging becomes more worthwhile and fun and not to mention can give you more fulfillment and satisfaction knowing that one way or another you have touched someone’s life with your words.

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