How To | Create a Twitter List

Twitter’s new feature “Twitter Lists” is widely talked about right now and maybe the biggest addition to the Social Media scene since…I don’t know when. But the fact is that it’s quite a unique feature and an odd one coming from Twitter. Twitter is usually a very careful company and wants to rather minimize functions on their super successful baby than to paintball it with features all over the site. However, this one is a great one even though it’s an odd move from the hyper cool company.

But, this new feature can be quite transparent if you don’t know how to use it or what it’s for. There for I have tried to dig up the best (right now) tutorial to explain how to create and maintain your lists on Twitter. It’s quite simple but for some reason people don’t use them very often as they add another layer to Twitter’s very simple user interface.

It’s really sad cause it will give you even more freedom to follow the ones that you really want to. The ones that you connect with or really enjoy learning fron for example. For me, with now over 26,000 followers, it’s an invaluable tool that I will sure use more now. I have tried so hard to connect with most people following me (and will continue doing so) but now it get so much easier when I can categorize all my followers and the ones that I follow.

So, here is a short clip of how to create a Twitter List that’s all your own. It’s quite simple. Enjoy!

Image Created by deviantART – Antonist