How To: Get Your Dog to Tweet

Oh. My. Gosh. You gotta be kidding me… thanks to Mattel’s new Puppy Tweets dog collar, your dog can now tweet. For real. You want your dog to join you in the Twitterverse? No problem! Everyone is talking about this, in the past week it has been written about in the LA Times, Fast Company, engadget, and all the major tech blogs, so it must be cool, right? I learned about this nifty little contraption in a tweet from my dear friend @AskAaronLee.

This is how you can get your dog to tweet: First, set up a twitter account for your dog. There are a ton of people on Twitter that pretend to be a dog (why do people do that anyway?) but this isn’t you pretending to be a dog, this is a Twitter account that will actually belong to your dog. Next, buy a Puppy Tweets dog collar and put it on your dog. This collar can “sense” what your dog is thinking/feeling and tweet any one of 500 prewritten tweets (more tweets will soon be available for download).

According to, “The device runs on a wi-fi internet connection, and a USB receiver needs to be plugged in, and your computer turned on in order for the device to send out tweets. You can also specify at what intervals you want your dog to send out tweets, so that his/hers twitter followers don’t become overwhelmed.”

If you want to follow a dog that is already tweeting using his new Puppy Tweets dog collar, then check out @littlebuttons. The only downfall to this that I can see is that all of your friends who don’t understand Twitter are going to think you have completely gone over the deep end when you tell them that your dog is now tweeting. Wow. This post was really fun to write. I can’t stop laughing. Thank you,, for the great pictures!