How To Be Influencer On Instagram In 2019

Is it really important to become an influencer on Instagram? For many people the answer is yes, but why? Instagram is a powerful social network for people who are looking to create a strong personal brand; it has a wide range of active users who have the highest engagement compared to other networks and it is basically a visual platform. Additionally, becoming an influential person on Instagram would provide a great opportunity for you to get more paid partnerships.

Just have a look at some great Instagram influencers who make a great amount of money such as Kylie Jenner, the highest paid influencer on Instagram, who earns about 1 million dollars per sponsored post. Yes, that’s a huge goal but becoming an influencer in your niche is not out of reach. Here we would share some tips on becoming great influencers on Instagram, from creating a great profile and finding your audience through hashtags to even more advanced steps of scheduling your posts and engaging with other users through automation tools like Instamber Instagram bot an important option which I will explain in details.

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Step 1 – Define Your Niche

One of the most important steps in any kind of marketing, including Instagram marketing, is to define your target market. Defining and narrowing down your niche market prevents you from wasting time and energy. Before creating a marketing strategy, you must define your niche market based on your talent and interest due to the following reasons:

  • Offering solutions and services based on your experience, profession or interest which are desirable for your niche market
  • It is easier to find new ideas for presenting your experiences and professional career by having a defined niche market
  • Defining your niche market gives you the chance to become a leader in your profession

Step 2 – Creating An Effective Business Profile On Instagram

In 2016, Instagram introduced its business profile, a new feature for professionals as well as businesses to link their Instagram page to their Facebook profile. Creating a business profile and having access to insights which Instagram provides for you, helps to evaluate your account and your followers ‘performance.

Moreover, in business profiles, you can define your passions and professions, choose a user name which defines your interest, use the CTA buttons, add your contact info such as email address or phone number, provide a link to your website, verify your account and show the blue checkmark. You have limited space of 150 characters for introducing yourself so use it properly and be as creative as you can; as it introduces your brand personality, what you offer and why your audience should care.

Step 3 – Choose The Best Theme For Your Profile And Share Quality Contents

In order to get the attention of your target audience at first sight, besides a great bio, your page should have an eye-catching theme. Moreover, it is essential to create high-quality contents. Here are some tips you can use to produce attractive contents in order to engage your target audience:

  • Use design tools for creating attractive visual post templates such as Adobe, Venngage and Canva
  • Find interesting high-quality photos on websites such as Unsplash (for free) or even Stocksy (a paid service)
  • Add some spice in producing visual content by using photo albums, 60-second videos, and GIFs
  • Repost interesting contents in your niche but ask for permission to share them on your feed by sending direct messages to the original page

Step 4 – Have A Fixed Posting Schedule

According to Instagram’s new algorithm, it is very important to know when and how often you should post contents on your profile. Timeliness, or how recent your posts are, is one of the factors which affect the rank of your posts in the feed of your followers. It is essential to post when most of your followers are online and also be consistent in publishing your posts.

However, posting frequently does not necessarily lead to higher engagement; rather than quantity and frequency, the quality and consistency of your posts play important role in getting user engagement; so it is better to know what your target audience wants before knowing how frequently you should post on Instagram. Studies show brands post 1.5 times more in average per day. High engagement rate would help your posts to appear on the explore page of more Instagram users and more people in your niche would follow your page.

Step 5 – Engage With Your Followers On Instagram

Now you have found the target audience and post your high-quality contents frequently. What is the next step?

Are you ready for more engagement on Instagram? Your followers don’t just want you to post some photos or videos, they want more. They want you to interact with them by asking their opinion about a specific issue or answering their questions and comments even with emoji, liking their posts or following them and sending them direct messages.

Make them feel they are important for you, as they should be. When you interact with your followers, they become more interested to engage with your posts. High engagement would also help your posts to appear on the feed of other followers and go viral.

If you don’t have enough time to engage with your followers, you can use an Instagram robot like Instamber. Use these automation tools which function on your behalf in engaging with your followers and even other Instagram users. Tools like Instamber, with a very budget-friendly price, not only follow other users and like and comment their posts but also provide other useful tools like post scheduler and comment tracker which help you to organize your page most effectively.

Step 6 – Be Creative In Using Hashtag

Using hashtags in social media platforms particularly Instagram has become more popular recently as they are searchable and effective marketing tools for businesses and individuals and also can be created easily. Instagram has introduced a new feature through which users can follow a particular hashtag and see the highlights of that hashtag on their feed, so they can stay updated on a special topic, brand or trend.

Hashtags are an inevitable part of marketing on Instagram and are effective tools for branding and enhancing your brand’s visibility as well as helping you to reach your target audience and create great campaigns.

Step 7 – Cooperate With Other Influencers

Other Influencers help you get more views and followers through shout-outs or tagging. The results of interacting with influencers are getting more followers, more likes, and comments. When an influencer posts your photos and videos on his personal profile, his followers would know you better and engage with your page. Find the best influencers in your niche, with real followers and high engagement and ask them for collaboration or even advertisement.

If you are interested in even more social media-related articles and information from us here at Bit Rebels then we have a lot to choose from.

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