A Simple Hack To Make 20-Second Vine Videos

If you don’t know what Vine is yet, I’ll give you the quick background. Vine is a mini-video-taking app that Twitter acquired last October and launched in January. It soon reached the number one spot on the free apps list in the App Store. Vine allows you to take 6-second videos to share with the world. To see some examples, you can go right to the source and check out Jack’s Twitter stream where he frequently posts random Vine videos from his travels.

Just like I think only having 140 characters per tweet is brilliant, I also like the fact that Vine videos can only be 6-seconds long. It makes the whole process a lot more creative. If you haven’t checked out a lot of Vine clips, you will be shocked at how much creativity and hilarious stuff can be jam-packed into only 6-seconds. Now that I’m used to watching Vine videos, suddenly watching a 2-minute video on YouTube seems like a lifetime too long.

If you like living on the edge, and if you are in the mood to break all the rules this weekend, there is a way you can create longer Vine videos. Keep in mind, Vine is on their game, and they will most likely remove them and perhaps ban you (or they might not do anything) – but that will all play into your badboy image, right? So here’s the hack to do it…

You are going to need a jailbroken iPhone, iFile (from Cydia) and hopefully a phone that is not all cracked up like the one in this video (although that’s not a requirement). This hack comes from Animal, and you can click over to read the corresponding post about it. You can also click over to Wonderhowto to read someone’s experience when trying this. Geeks like to break the rules just because they can, and this little hack looks like a lot of fun.

Simple Hack To Make 20-Second Vine Videos


Via: [Wonderhowto]