How To Motivate & Inspire Social Media Interaction [Infographic]

One of the key ingredients in mastering social media is to make sure you motivate the people you interact with to listen to what you have to say. The ability to make people interested in what you have to share is definitely how you will be able to spread any kind of message. But it isn’t as easy as you think. You have to spend a lot of time interacting, sharing, repinning, linking, liking, retweeting and of course answering and interacting with the people who follow you or the ones who you follow. It sounds quite daunting, doesn’t it? Well, to some degree, it is. It’s anything but easy to spend hour after hour watching different feeds roll by and keeping track of everyone who you interact with. This is especially true if you have built up a large following.

There are of course ways to make this process a whole lot more streamlined and optimized. However, the human factor should never be taken out of the equation if you want your social network to grow and thrive. Even though people don’t expect you to be available 24/7, it’s still nice to be available at different times of the day in order to make sure you are able to cater to all your followers, no matter where they are located in the world. They are after all going to be online at different times, so try to mix it up a little bit. Stay available for shorter periods of time but more frequently, and you will be able to kick in a lot more interaction than many other people are able to.

But how do you motivate and inspire your following, and more importantly, how do you get inspired and motivated by other people? Well, to answer those questions, I have hit up an infographic created by WEB Directing. It’s called Learn How To Motivate The Crowd, and it is an in-depth look at what key areas are necessary to attend to in order to reach out to each of your followers to the point where they are most likely going to be motivated to like, share or interact with your content or thoughts.

As soon as people notice that you are a genuine and positive person, the chances that you will be able to motivate and inspire them greatly increases. Of course, there are a lot of ways to get interaction by trolling, bashing or just being negative, but I don’t see how that could ever be good for your reputation or the building of a brand. Stay who you are, make sure people know you value their input, and also that you are willing to assist if they have any questions or suggestions. That way, you will be a winner in this game of inspiration, no matter how big or small of an influence and contributor you might become in this quite busy social networking landscape.

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