How To: Recruit Top Talent Using Social Media [Part 1]

It seems social media is becoming a truly powerful tool when it comes to finding new talent for companies around the world. A couple of years ago I wrote an article on about how social media could work as a productivity check for employers when they are looking to hire new people. The article focused heavily on a set of tools used to keep track of the people that your company might be interested in hiring. As the tools for social media are growing by the day, it’s now even easier to find out how your potential hire will perform once he or she is hired to your company. This is part of the transparency that leaders in social media have been talking about for the last two years, and it will get even more transparent for each new feature that is added to it.

Using social media to find applicants for your position can; however, be quite a challenge if you don’t know what channels to use. Minflash put together a simple yet interesting infographic about how you could go about the endeavor to find your next employee. It focuses on some solid advice that will help make your hiring process a lot easier.

Some simple guidelines to follow when you’re looking for a new co-worker is to make sure the job description is as descriptive as possible so that the people you are targeting really know if it will fit their skills. It will also help narrow the focal group quite a bit since people can dismiss themselves easier without having to find out later in the process that they lack some of the skills you require.

It also helps if you keep in close contact with your targeted potential new hire. The more you connect, the more you will know if the chemistry between you and the new hire will work well together. Social media is the perfect tool to tryout that work relationship, and you’ll quickly know if you have found the right person.

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How To Hire Social Media