How To: Send a Voicemail in a Tweet

A few weeks ago I received a tweet from the username @pocketsapp. The avatar was bright purple, so there was no way I could miss it. In the body of the tweet, it said, “you have voicemail from @ShellyKramer waiting to be heard at”

I clicked on the link and sure enough, there was a voicemail from Shelly Kramer. This was made possible by a cute little app found on Instead of entering the phone number to leave someone a voicemail, with this app, you enter the Twitter username.

Tonight, as we were testing this process, @mmangen, who made the video below, also sent me a voicemail in a tweet. There is something really special about being able to hear the voice of a Twitter friend, and with pocketsapp, now that is super easy to do. Check out this tutorial and try it for yourself. Send someone special a voicemail tweet!

Thank you to for the great picture above.