How To: Use Social Media Services

The fact that we are seeing an increase in the number of social media websites, and that some people claim we have enough already, doesn’t seem to stop creative minds from coming up with new and fresh concepts. Personally, I think we should never stop innovating. The moment we start thinking there might be enough social media networking services out there is exactly when we will find ourselves back-paddling in the stream. Ultimately what I am talking about is the fact that we will become stagnated and stop thinking ahead of the crowd.

There will always be room for yet another genuine social media service. The only thing is, it has to offer something new to all of its users otherwise we might as well use the previous and more established services. Innovation comes from the many levels of need. If there is something we need, we usually create something to help us get it, no matter what it takes.

But what about the social media networking services that are already out there at our disposal? What are they really for, and why were they created? Some people just stumble onto the scene and pick the first social networking service they get their hands on. Usually it’s a word of mouth kind of introduction which makes the process even more obscure. If you really want to be able to utilize a social networking service to the fullest, you should really research and investigate what it has to offer and compare it to all the other services available.

Elliance put together a handy little guide infographic to get you started. It basically points out what the services were initially intended for. However, what we have seen is that each of these services has evolved into something it was not initially intended for. That is because the users have found ways to more efficiently use the service and have gotten creative while doing it. To get started and to see results faster, you could use this little guide to pinpoint what service would best fit your needs and expectations. Some of these services have closed their doors since this infographic was created back in 2008. However, it still works perfectly well for the sites that are still available. After that, it’s all up to your creativity to bridge the gap between what you need and what you are creatively able to achieve.

How To Use Social Media