How to use Social Media to get a Job

After what has been described as the worst economic melt-down in modern history we are finally recovering a little bit and companies are once again slowly starting to hire people again. But is the ways we usually look for jobs still the most effective way of finding one? Some say the ways companies are looking for new employees have forever changed and to actually get noticed you have to have some skills and some individuality combined with a genuine approach. So what is that?

To best describe it you double your chances ten fold if you have some groovy skills in using the Internet to your advantage. Namely social media. Companies are more and more looking through your Facebook profile, your Twitter feed and also your Myspace profile in order to see what kind of person you are. If you’re a social magnate or a Saturday party flyer. As statistics show companies have turned to Twitter to check out your influence in the field you are in. They value professional approach as well as your willingness to grow within the area of skill you specialize in.

So if you for example are looking for design work then it would be a good idea to share your work, preferably through an ever growing portfolio, but also through the willingness to help others. Your skills also shows through the way you interact with people, how you position yourself to new trends and so on.

So, if you’re looking for a new job then just start acting like it. Take the precautions necessary for you to look professional and open to new challenges and you are well on your way of being noticed by the companies looking for people in your specific genre. Go get them!