If Social Media Was A High School Yearbook [Infographic]

I’m not a ranter. It takes skill to rant effectively in a blog post. My friend @ShellyKramer is a master ranter, and I read her blog V3 Integrated Marketing often. @RedheadWriting is also a skilled ranter in her weekly Bitch Slap posts. I admire their writing, but that style is hard for me to pull off. So, even though what I’m about to write may seem like a rant, keep in mind that it’s not. :)

Is it just me or is the whole freaking Twitter stream full of posts about Google+? I get it that it’s the new kid on the block, but pleeeease. I was talking to @JessicaNorthey on the phone yesterday, and she commented about the same thing. I feel like I’ve been overdosed on Google+ already, and it’s still in beta.

And, while we are on the topic… I’m still trying to get the hang of Empire Avenue. Is it really time to switch gears over to another social networking site just to stay in the cool crowd? I know I’m a Twitterholic (I send about 150 tweets a day). I get the fact that Twitter won’t be around forever and for networking purposes, I need to be active on these other sites. However, my theory has always been that when people force themselves to get on these sites (take Twitter for example), it’s not as much fun. It has to come genuinely and naturally, not because they feel like they have to.

Now that I keep a window open at all times for Twitter, Facebook and Google+, and I check them constantly throughout the day, it is annoying. And we aren’t even talking about LinkedIn, Foursquare, YouTube (I recently posted 2 new videos) or any of the other social media sites. In a perfect world, I would just maintain a happy and content monogamous social media relationship with Twitter, and I would tell all the other ones to F-off. However, unfortunately, I don’t think that’s practical.

Personally, I think it’s ridiculously premature to start asking the question about whether or not Google+ will replace Facebook. To the people who are saying it will… Helllllllo… Um, do you realize how big Facebook is? If it were a country, it would be the 5th largest country in the world. At least if we are making the decision to be on all these sites all the time, we can poke fun at them, right? That’s why I decided to share this infographic from Class Finders. This is so funny to me, and so true!

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Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Infographic