5 Easy Steps To Increase Your Online Influence [Infographic]

There are so many social networking platforms now that it can be hard to spend enough time on any given one in order to gain sustainable traction. What I mean is that it’s getting harder and harder to keep up with them all. In order to reach the most people (which as a brand is vital), it is a common perception that you have to be on all of them. Some people hook up a “post to all” solution, while other people just update the ones they know fit the content they are posting. Neither one of those options are the right or wrong approach in my opinion. Whatever works for you is probably the right decision. However, when it comes to influence, you can easily shoot yourself in the foot by being on a lot of social networking services, which in turn will hurt your online influence.

Ever since the first social networking service became popular, people have tried to maximize their online influence through different schemes and approaches. But social networking is an ever morphing entity that takes a lot of time to master. No shortcut in the world will help you gain the real online influence you can get through constantly interacting and sharing content that your followers and friends are looking for.

To make yourself invaluable on the Internet, you have to share things that people can really use. According to an infographic presented by Reformation Designs, nothing gives you more online influence than tuning yourself to people’s needs. As a matter of fact, this infographic called How To Increase Your Online Influence guides us through 5 things that will increase our online influence significantly if we get it right.

The basic tips all through this list are about letting your followers know that you care about them, and that you don’t treat them like anything less than people. The second you start treating them as a number or even a product, you will see a significant decrease in interaction from your followers and your online influence will decrease as well. There is of course an easy way to prevent this, and that is to make sure you spend time interacting.

To tie this bag together, and to get back to what I said in the introduction of this article, trying to master every single social networking platform will most likely hurt your online influence since no one has time to genuinely interact on all of them at the same time. Pick a couple that you focus on, and let the rest (the less important ones) be platforms that you visit every once in a while. Build a following on your prime social networking platforms and grow your online influence that way. You won’t master the social networking world through numbers, but you can master it through interaction. Online influence has never been measured in “numbers,” your result is measured in mutual interaction and always will be.

How To Increase Your Online Influence