6 Insider Secrets To Creating Contagious Content [Infographic]

In order to grow your brand awareness through content creation, you need to have finesse, dedication and a bit of luck when you create your content. There is never a promise of success when you create a piece of content to share with your following. It’s all based on factors that are usually beyond our control. However, there are ways you can increase the odds of getting a viral boost to your brand, and these insider secrets could set you off in the right direction.

One of the most important factors when trying to create contagious content is to almost always go for the wow-factor. When you are able to wow your following, that is when people are going to start sharing your content beyond your expectations. At least that’s true according to the insider secrets presented in an infographic I recently found.

That is how many blogs have become successful throughout the years, and that is also how they continue inspiring people to start their own blogs. Positive content can be successful as well, and we have seen plenty of examples of this too – especially when we have a look at the quote sharing epidemic that started a couple of years ago. People can get crazy when it comes to positive quotes that empower people to create better lives for themselves.

This insider secrets infographic also explains that contrary to popular belief, a New York Times study showed that longer content was far more shared and engaged with than shorter articles and posts. This is something that should be interesting to note for anyone who’s trying to build and add to their brand awareness, whether you have a blog or not.

Despite the advice that these insider secrets share, we here at Bit Rebels have always gone for the shorter, more compressed articles since we want to allow people to be able to get into technology, social media, geek and design even though they are stressed beyond their borders and have no extra time. It has always worked for us, but we escape the claws of our own rules every once in a while and produce, create and publish content that is way longer than what we usually publish and promote.

Have a look through this infographic called The Six Insider Secrets Of Contagious Content, presented by Who Is Hosting This?, and learn the “secret” trade and tools to make your content more successful. The emotion imbued into the content, the wow factor and of course the way it is written and presented all have a vital part in the way the content is engaged with, shared and liked. Once you find a format that proves successful, keep adding to it and refine it. That’s how you will win your audience’s trust, and they will to come back over and over again.

6 Insider Secrets Of Contagious Content Creation

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Insider Secrets Contagious Content Infographic