Is it twittering or tweeting?

The guys from Twitter are indeed busy! More and more people are interested and intrigued with what is going on with the company.  Here is a funny question. Is it Tweeting or Twittering?  Here is cool video of an interview with Biz Stone and EV on The View. I just needed to share this very funny and very informative interview with the co founders themselves. Analogies and stories about people who use Twitter was truly entertaining.  How they started and where they got the idea for the micro blogging platform.

Ok so what is it? Twittering or Tweeting. According to Biz Twitter is a verb, the sound that a bird makes. Twittering is what the bird does. so the answer is Twittering. He says Tweeting is also fine. Tweeting stemmed from Tweet (meaning the update that one makes).