It’s Official – Twitter Knows When We Are Happy or Sad!

Here is yet another reason to embrace our beloved Twitter (as if we needed another reason, right?). Scientists have now discovered that the overall mood of America can be determined on Twitter.

The time-lapse video below shoes the mood in the States as inferred using over 300 million tweets over the course of the day. The maps are represented using density-preserving cartograms.

You’ll see the color scale at the beginning of the video. Red represents not very happy, and the colors move in increments all the way up to bright green, which represents very happy. If you do not have a city listed on your Twitter profile, then you were left out of the study.

The people at cnet news have taken this data and refined it even more to determine that people on the west coast are happier than people on the east coast. (Dang, I live in Atlanta, and I’m happy!) This stuff fascinates me and I could go on and on, but instead, I will refer you to the source article on technorati. Thank you, @jewelrythings, for sending me this information!