Keep Twitter Near Your Heart: The Twitter Charm Necklace

The Twitter inspired products never seem to end. There is always something new we can buy to celebrate our addiction to that wonderful website so many of us call home. We’ve featured a lot of that stuff right here on Bit Rebels, and most of the time, it’s stuff that is cute but nothing I would actually buy.

This is another one of those products; however, since I absolutely love Swarovski crystals, I might actually buy this one. These are the At Symbol Charmer Twitter Necklace and the Birdie Charmer Twitter Necklace. Now you can show the world how much you love Twitter, and you can get this just in time for that next tweetup!

Your Twitter username can be engraved on whichever one of these you choose. A colored Swarovski crystal decorates each one to add a little sparkle. I would guess most people choose the color crystal of their birthstone, but I would choose the blue Twitter color of course! Duh!  By the way, if you are just joining Twitter, learn from my mistake and choose a short username. From a fashion standpoint, a shorter username would look better on this necklace too. #justsayin

Via: [Holy Cool]