Latest Twitter Statistics Broken Down [Infographic]

It’s pretty much on everyone’s mind these days. Just how do you break through the noise on Twitter without coming across like a bulldozer? If anyone knew exactly how to do that at any point in time, they would have the secret formula to everlasting Twitter success. It’s just not possible to always “win” on Twitter. This social networking platform was created to give everyone an equal opportunity to reach out to potentially millions of people. Twitter has even made available a way for companies and brands to reach out to the masses through Promoted Trends. It is quite expensive, but it does the job well if you want to make sure you are the one thing people check out and talk about.

In the endless stream of “how to” articles, I didn’t want this one to become a tutorial of how to win on Twitter. I think there are way too many articles out there already that try to lead you on paths that could totally work for you, but each individual approach has its own pros and cons. So, in order to lean off of things like suggestions, I was thinking I would delve into the more solid facts about Twitter, namely the statistics that are accumulated each day.

If you are prepared to take a closer look at them and really soak up what they tell you, there is a lot to learn here. You don’t have to be a math genius or a statistical fanatic in order to understand most of it. All you need to know is really why you are on Twitter in the first place, and where you want to head with your presence. After that, it’s pretty much all up to you what you do with these numbers.

This infographic called “The Who, Why, And How Of Twitter” is a jam packed presentation of Twitter statistics with seemingly every piece of accumulated data you can think of. It is brought to you by BuySellAds, and it attempts to educate you on pretty much everything Twitter is about. Since I am constantly watching statistics for Bit Rebels, I always know where they are from and what they are based on. However, something that always throws me off when it comes to statistical infographics is that unless they include the source of the data and how exactly it was acquired, they don’t say much.

Statistics are always based on a research where the study base has a certain number of subjects. Even though I doubt they have been able to track data from all of Twitter’s 200 million users, it is still quite an interesting data sheet to study. Whether you are planning to reach out to individual tweeters or to companies on Twitter, it doesn’t really matter. This infographic should be able to give you the answers to who, why and how people are using Twitter, and how you could potentially reach them with your content.

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Via: [Cool Daily Infographics]