LinkedIn Interaction Mapped & Presented [Infographic]

I am one of those people who signs up for everything new so I can look through it, assess it, and then decide whether it is something that I want to spend any considerable time crunking around in. Sometimes, as we all know, we just don’t have time to deal with more social media or networking sites, and we decide to put them on the back burner for a while. This was the case with my LinkedIn profile a few months ago. I didn’t really have the time to search for friends or colleagues on the site, and I didn’t find the interface to be of much inspiration. Since then, I’ve changed my mind when it comes to LinkedIn. It is a very interesting and fun tool to discover new people to possibly collaborate with.

The interaction on LinkedIn is slightly different from all the usual social networks. This might be why it is so successful. Sure, it can’t measure up to the success of Facebook and Twitter, but it has a strong community that is constantly growing. Google Plus, on the other hand, is making heavy ripples in the social media world. During its short period of operation, it has already gained 20 million users. That’s a huge leap compared to how many users LinkedIn has.

Lab42 decided to take a look at how we interact on LinkedIn, and they took pretty much everything in consideration. They gathered the information and made it into a really interesting infographic. It outlines the core habits on this particular social networking platform and presents them in an easy format that will have you reconsider your lack of attention on the LinkedIn social networking service. Take a good look, and let yourself get inspired because the LinkedIn service is here to stay. I am definitely putting some extra effort into managing my own LinkedIn account. Maybe you should too!

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The Interaction On LinkedIn Infographics