5 Ways To Look Like You’re Social Media Savvy [Chart]

Social media is a dichotomy in the sense that even though it’s growing at a crazy fast pace, and there are more people on social media sites now than ever before – along with all the growth comes people who feel lost and like they are fumbling to figure it all out. Where do you fall into it all? Are you social media savvy or do you feel like a noob? When I joined Twitter back at the beginning of 2009, there were really only two major social media sites, Twitter and Facebook. LinkedIn was in the background, but it wasn’t as popular as it is today. Since then, we’ve seen many social media sites come and go (remember Google Wave?).

For those of us who jumped into social media early on, we’ve had the luxury of easing into all the new sites gradually as they become popular. Each time one gains momentum, it’s an add-on to our existing social sites, and we check it out at our own pace. In my opinion, if you are experienced enough in social media to leisurely take on the new sites without any stress, you are already somewhat savvy.

However, there is a whole different group of people out there who don’t get to do it this way. Those people have been flung into social media for one reason or another and they are expected to be social media savvy, even though they don’t know what the heck they’re doing. Maybe their boss added the company’s social media to their job description, or maybe they’ve started a new business, and they feel the pressure to establish a social media presence. There are lots of reasons why someone can have to learn about social media in a hurry. Those people are not social media savvy, but they’d sure like to look like they are.

The thing about social media is that it’s pretty much impossible to look like you are social media savvy if you aren’t because it’s an equal playing field, and everyone starts at the same place. People who know what’s up can glance at any of your social sites and know what the deal is. However, there are some things you can do which will make you look a little savvier if that makes sense. There are things that will keep you from looking like a complete noob.

Christianna Giordano from Social Media Today put together this cute little chart and corresponding post which you can read at Five Ways To Make Your Social Channels Seem Savvier. For someone who is already social media savvy, this stuff will seem like a no-brainer. For a beginner, it can be a lifeline. Just a little side note – if you don’t have a personal website to list in your personal social media bios, how about set up an about.me page? I’m seeing those more and more, and they really look nice. It’s just something to consider. Best of luck on your journey to social media greatness!

Wanna look like you’re social media savvy? Here are 5 pointers.




Via: [Social Media Today] Image Credits: [Open Press Wire] [Scalability Project]