Modern Day Experiences & How Social Media Changed It All [Video]

I read dozens of articles each week about social media, but there was one I read a few months ago that really stuck with me. I spent some time trying to find it this morning, and it’s lost in the abyss of the Internet so I can’t share the link unfortunately. If you think about your modern day experiences compared to your experiences from a decade ago, what is the biggest change? The one I notice, the one that article spoke about, and the one this video pokes fun at, are all the same.

Many of our modern day experiences aren’t about the actual experience at all. Instead, they’re about recording it to post on our social media sites and getting feedback from our Facebook friends and Twitter followers. For example, when was the last time you went out with a friend and didn’t take any pictures to share in social media? When was the last time you went out and didn’t necessarily have a great time, but you posted pictures that got a lot of engagement, and suddenly you started to think that maybe you had a good time after all?

Our modern day experiences aren’t with just the people we are physically with at that time anymore. They are with those people plus our entire social media audience. Often times we depend on social media to validate those experiences, and when you think about that, it’s kind of bizarre.

The next time you go out, try looking the person you’re with directly in the eye, and count how many minutes go by before you check your smartphone for something. Yup, our modern day experiences are worlds apart from what they used to be like. Human beings are so funny. This video created by Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival about a modern conversation pretty much sums it up. Enjoy!

Modern Day Experiences Have Changed Thanks To Social Media


Via: [Design Taxi]