How To Monitor Your Online Reputation [Infographic]

It’s now a fact that the Internet is the most content packed place on the planet. You can find everything on this fast moving highway of information, and that includes information about you as well. With everything that goes on, it can be hard to monitor what your online reputation is and what people and brands are saying about you. In a world where the Internet is becoming ever more important, your online reputation will soon be your currency when looking for a job for example.

So how do you keep yourself updated on what’s being said about you? Well, there are actually plenty of solutions that will enable you to keep an eye on things. There are a few common, effective ways you can gather information about yourself and your brand. Some of the free services are of course Google Alerts and Social Mention. These are great ways to stay current about your own online reputation.

There is also the manual way of monitoring your online reputation. That includes checking mentions on social networking sites, pingbacks and comments. You also have Monitter, an online Twitter monitoring application that you can use to keep an eye on keywords, usernames and other things in real time. It’s a very powerful tool that will create a complete overview of what you want to review, at least on Twitter. It’s completely free, and you can monitor many things at once.

A new infographic called The Ultimate Guide To Monitoring Your Online Reputation presented by Trackur (design by Avalaunch) takes you deeper into the world of online reputation management, and how you can gather all the information you want. Usually people gather their online reputation information in order to assess any kind of damaging information being spread. This is a great way to keep online interaction with your customers and fans going as well. Talking to fans as well as people who aren’t very fond of your products or services is the best way to make sure your good online reputation stays intact.

Keeping a close eye on your online reputation can save you a whole lot of money and time in the long run. The ability to rectify anything that might have been misinterpreted is a “feature” that we haven’t been able to do until recently. It’s a feature that any brand, business or person should utilize to its every ability. In the past, we had to stay on Google for long hours to search for keywords and names that might show us something about our online reputation.

Trackur’s Guide To Monitoring Online Reputation

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