Most Creative Way To Find A Job Using Twitter

We all know by now that social media can be a great networking tool used to make valuable contacts in any industry. Many people even use social media to assist them in their job search. On Twitter, going about it can be tricky because it only takes one auto-DM or cheesy tweet to go from potential hire to unfollowed spam. Using Twitter to find job can be a great experience since you will get to meet people you may never have the opportunity to meet otherwise. However, perception is everything, and learning social media nuances is critical if you want to be taken seriously.

There are great articles on Forbes, CBS Money Watch, Lifehacker and many other reputable sites about how to find a job using Twitter. Of course they all talk about using retweets, DMs, positioning yourself as a leader, creating a network… blah blah blah. What if you want to skip all that and just plain get noticed? What if you want your creativity to stand out above everything else? What if you want to make this all happen today?

Bas van de Poel and Daan van Dam, who make up the creative team called Wonder Years, decided that is exactly what they wanted to do. They came up with what I think is the most creative way to find a job using Twitter. It’s fast, simple and since they’ve received several jobs from it, it works. Watch this video to see exactly what they did. #awesome

Find A Job Using Twitter

Via: [Laughing Squid] Image Credits: [Sexy Social Media] [fractalgr / Shutterstock]