My Webwill: Add A Last Status Update After You’re Dead!

Social networking has become such a huge aspect in everyone’s life that we check it out frenetically throughout the day. It has become the only sure way to always know what your friends and loved ones are up to. It doesn’t matter what time, what day or where your friends are, you will always know what they are doing if they have updated their status. However, there is a growing problem that we see more and more every day as social networking grows. And, that is, the growing number of “zombie” accounts that are still around and alive even though the person owning them has passed away. We’ve heard about it when someone has died and their profile gets littered with both condolences and hate messages.

My Webwill is the solution for this problem. Even though there are plenty of services out there that will help you delete and tidy up your status when you are no longer around, My Webwill is the most streamlined in many people’s opinion. Founded in Sweden, it is a growing business that no one should take for granted.

My Webwill will, once you are dead, let you send a last status update on Facebook, hand over a Twitter account to a friend, and delete or change certain information on any or all of your accounts. It’s simple and the message you want to send to people once you are no longer around is entirely up to you. You can even email whoever you want to say farewell with hopes of seeing them on the other side once their time is up as well.