Have You Become A Social Media Zombie? [Infographic]

As we see more and more social networking services pop up on the social media scene, we are all trying to harness every single platform’s individual power. We try to wield their benefits to our advantage in hopes that one of them will become what makes our brand, product, service or even ourselves go viral. I have seen many examples of this since I started using social networking sites. Most of the time, it’s by pure luck that someone gets traction through some lucky mention on a popular blog or outlet. For the majority of success seekers, it comes down to continuous hard work which becomes a monotone every day process. It’s a process that can easily turn us into a social media zombie if we’re not renewing ourselves.

When I say social media zombie, I of course mean the constant looking, sharing and interacting we do seemingly on autopilot. Sooner or later, our social media zombie behavior and habits will enable us to update, like, comment, share and interact without even using up a single brain cell. We’re working towards a goal, and we do not know what it takes to get there. We fumble in the dark trying to find what will make our profile attract the eyes of everyone who is treading on these social media platforms.

There are many different kinds of social media zombies, probably as many as there are social networking services. Each has its own set of mindless habits. Some of them are carefully explained in this quite hilarious yet true infographic called The Social Media Zombie Apocalypse presented by Confused. We keep doing our thing, over and over again, while trying to find our way. It seems we have forgotten to ask ourselves, “Is it working?

What worked a couple of months ago might already be something people are no longer responding to. Isn’t it time to take a new approach to whatever social media platform you are using? Is it time to come up with a new strategy? Maybe even switch social networking services altogether? When you think about it, they are quite relative questions that should spin around in our heads from time to time. Aren’t they?

If you feel you have become a social media zombie then maybe it’s time to refresh your strategy. Maybe it’s time to leave the undead and their repetitive patterns and leave the social media zombie land for good. You will most likely come back to it again. We all do. But that will be yet another reason to reinvent what you reinvented last time. Social media zombies are all around us. We ourselves might even be ones without knowing it. The best way to find out is to look at your social media feed. Does it look like it did a year ago? If it does, you might just have caught the social media zombie bug somewhere along the line. It doesn’t matter where since you can’t change the past, but you can definitely change the future. Don’t become a social media zombie by doing the same thing over and over again. It’s much more fun to mix it up a little. There are well enough social networking platforms to keep you busy for years to come.

Confused’s Social Media Zombie Infographic

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