Online Dating Guide For Girls [Infographic]

For a single girl, online dating can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, a whole new world opens up when you step outside the realm of people you meet everyday and onto the Internet where there is an endless number of guys to meet. It’s like the biggest cocktail party in the world. On the other hand, online dating is tricky. Communication can be tough, especially in the beginning when you don’t have body language and eye contact to help you along when you’re trying to determine where you stand and if the other person is genuine. Thank goodness there is now a guide for girls that can assist you with this sometimes complicated process.

This all reminds me of an article I wrote about a month ago called The Truth About Online Dating. That article was a bit of a guide for girls also. One thing from that article which I want to share with you now is that most men describe themselves as 2 pounds thinner and a half-inch taller than they really are. So, the first thing you might consider is putting them through that filter if you want a more accurate description.

Guys, don’t feel bad for doing this. We all just want to present ourselves in the best light possible, right? You may giggle to know that girls usually claim to be 8.5 pounds thinner than they really are. Also, on average, guys use profile pictures that are about 6 months old (on average, girls use profile pictures that are 1.5 years old). That info right there is like a guide for girls, but I have more for you…

Joanna (aka @jo_annachao) created this infographic below called Should I Go Out With This Guy? after what she calls her own “spectacularly unsuccessful stint with online dating.” This humorous little guide for girls will not only make you laugh but give you some very cute info you can use on your online dating journey. She keeps it real, and my guess is that she was smiling the whole time she was making this. You can learn more about Joanna on Joanna Chao.

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