How Photos Drastically Impact Facebook Engagement [Infographic]

I am constantly trying to understand and analyze the ever changing landscape of social media. With Facebook being the largest entity in this ecosystem, it’s not hard to single it out in a valiant attempt to master its many secrets. Getting it right on Facebook could mean a lot of influence on other social networking sites as well. But just how do you go about increasing your influence and Facebook engagement? You seemingly do it through the posting of photos.

If you have been on Facebook for some time now, you know how photos have become an important part of the Facebook ecosystem as a whole. Just posting updates consisting of text will not yield you any significant results in the long run. People easily get bored with questions, fill in the gaps, etc. And as we all know, a picture is worth a thousand words. Maybe that is the reason why pictures have come to dominate everyone’s timeline. Either way, pictures are the most effective way for you to build a strong and engaging community on Facebook.

If you are looking for likes and comments as your prime Facebook engagement, pictures are the way to go. A recently published infographic called The Impact Of Photos On Facebook Engagement is an analytical presentation from Wishpond. It states that photos posted to Facebook pages yielded 53% more likes than regular posts. Furthermore, photo posts yielded 104% more Facebook engagement in the form of comments. These are significant numbers that we should all remember.

As if that wasn’t enough, photo posts received 84% more link clicks than regular links posted on Facebook. The difference here is that when you post a photo which also has a link in its text, the URL won’t receive any likes when the photo is liked on Facebook. This is hopefully something that Facebook is working on solving. Likes have become a significant indicator of Facebook engagement, and the lack of them can easily make a website look like it’s not very popular. But as you see, you have plenty of statistics to back up the fact that posting photos with your article/post URL in the text will yield more click throughs to your blog or website. Photos are definitely something that Facebook is going to create more features around. This is just the beginning. Start posting more pictures now before people grow tired of this phenomenon as well.

Photos Impact On Facebook Engagement

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