Pinterest Deconstructed: Guide To Content Marketing [Infographic]

It’s pretty much on every single website these days. Pinterest is taking over the world at a pace that has never been seen before. It’s growing faster than Twitter, LinkedIn and even Facebook did in their early beginnings. The statistics we’ve seen are extraordinary, and it’s all because of the way Pinterest is built up. It’s a site based on images, and that says a lot. It’s like the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, and maybe that is why Pinterest is such a huge success all over the globe. This social networking service is still dominated by the female gender, but the males on the site are growing rapidly in numbers thanks to a few factors that I believe have made the platform a lot more versatile.

However, breaking through the crowd on Pinterest is anything but easy. It is easy to feel successful on this new platform since a like and a repin mean more than what a retweet feels like sometimes, or at least that’s the word on the street. I think it might have to do with the fact that not a lot of Pinterest users have a lot of followers yet. If you rapidly shoot up to about 1,000 followers, it’s a good achievement. I doubt it will stay that way for long, but that is how Pinterest affects you in a positive way.

So what can you do to make use of Pinterest as a content marketer and eTailer? As usual, there is no solid advice anyone can give you that will ensure a huge success on any platform, but there are certain things you can do in order to increase your chances of hitting it big. We have featured guides here on Bit Rebels before on how to master Pinterest, but none quite as in depth as this one from Maxymizer.

This one, called Pinterest Deconstructed: For eTailers and Content Marketers, is a comprehensive guide for how you could potentially grow your following and gain traction on this very promising outlet. It is really a history lesson and a sharer of tips and tricks all bundled into one big infographic which could serve even the most hardcore user well. This is probably my favorite one of all the Pinterest infographics out there. This one packs a punch that will leave a promising taste of success if done correctly.

One thing to remember is that most successful social networking users have found a way to be unique, to do something that no one is yet doing, and they’ve accumulated a fan base that reaches far beyond the normal following. So be unique and find your own approach. If it doesn’t work, just adjust and redo. It’s like with any product or service, refine and try again. That’s how you will become the next social networking success. It won’t be overnight, but it could potentially be faster than anyone had anticipated.


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