Pinterest Users & How They Interact [Infographic]

One of the first metrics people talk about when a new social networking service becomes the poster “boy” or “girl” of success, is how long people stay on the site for each session. The longer they stay, the stronger the hold and appeal is. Facebook has long been rumored to have the strongest community with an average of 7 hours of logged time per month per user. When looking at Pinterest users, we see this site also has a strong community.

Pinterest users log an average of 2.5 hours per month on Pinterest, which by all means is no small feat. One thing that sets Pinterest users apart from the rest of the social media user bases is that Pinterest user referrals spend 70% more money than users sent from non-social channels. That is an insane number of people spending an insane amount money, or so it would seem anyway.

Pinterest users have in many ways surprised analysts all around the world with their intensity and focus on pinning pictures – so much so that the site has become a common measurement for new up and coming websites. Every time we hear about Pinterest and its users, we are always told that this new success story is the fastest growing site in American history. It hit 10 million users faster than any other site, ever.

If you’re interested in how Pinterest users are interacting with the site and with each other then this infographic called How Users Interact On Pinterest (by Wishpond) should be spot on what you need to look at. The fact that 80% of Pinterest’s user base are women only increases interest in the site from brands. It has been proven that more women than men spend money on the Internet. A large portion of women even buy all their clothes on the Internet. It’s something that certainly speaks in Pinterest’s favor.

If you’re looking for interaction and traffic then Pinterest is not such a bad option to pursue. The site is steaming with activity, and you can easily strike up a following if you’re active. This infographic could give you some orientation and hints about what you should be doing and pinning in order to grow your following on this quite straightforward social networking site. If a picture says a thousand words then Pinterest must be the biggest dictionary in the world. Just saying.

Why Pinterest Users Will Interact With You

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