Pinterest’s Pin View Gets A New Design With Larger Images

Social networking services are always trying to renew themselves. It’s something that is necessary in order for an online brand to continuously evolve. It’s the same for any website really. Without renewal, a site can easily fall into the shadows of more organized and optimized websites. Pinterest has been evolving ever since they opened their doors to the public. Today they are gating people into a new pin view design that might just make a little bit more sense.

The new pin view user interface design is meant to put the images and videos more in the focus. At first look, I have to admit the overall feeling I get is that it’s a little bit cramped. The images blur together in a crowded manner, and it makes it hard to see the distinction between where one image starts and ends, if that make sense. I am in no way saying it is a bad update though. It’s just that it is a little bit hard to orientate yourself when everything is so cramped together, but that’s only for the pin view redesign.

When it comes to the pin view organization screen (pinboard view), things are a whole lot more perfected. The new design makes it easy to navigate your pinboards and organize them. It’s a sleek and simplified redesign that at first doesn’t seem like a new design at all. But when you start familiarizing yourself with it, you notice the wider padding at the edges and the more centralized organization the user interface now sports.

Pinterest has been quite careful when it comes to redesigning their website. This is by no means a heavy redesign, but it makes for a little bit of familiarization, no doubt. The new pin view is honestly not an upgrade, at least not in my own humble opinion. But the pin view when it comes to the pinboard organization screen is definitely a step up from what it previously was. Pinterest is currently gating this out to people by giving you the option to try it out. By having a look at these screenshots, you might get a clue where Pinterest is headed with their design. If you are invited to try it out, you should definitely have a go at it. You are able to revert back at any time by simple clicking the “Switch Back To The Old Look” in the drop down menu at the top. So, do you like the new pin view and pinboard redesign?

Pinterest’s New Pin View Redesign

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Pin Stream View Redesign


Pin View Redesign