Real Birds Are Now Tweeting On Twitter (Really!)

When I was young, I found a sparrow that had fallen out of his nest. His mother left him on the concrete. He was only a few days old, and hadn’t grown any feathers yet. I nursed him back to health, and at the end of the summer, I tried several times to set him free. He wouldn’t fly away, so I decided to keep him. That brown sparrow lived inside my house with me for ten years until he died. His name was Tweet-Tweet.

When I hear the word tweet now, I don’t think of my childhood pet bird, I think of Twitter. My brain doesn’t even associate the word tweet with real birds anymore. However, as it turns out, it’s all coming full circle because I just learned today that real birds are tweeting on Twitter.

Voldemars Dudum, a bird lover living in Latvia, decided that it was finally time to give birds the opportunity to tweet, after all, they gave Twitter it’s name, right? According to Birds on Twitter, he bought a cheap keyboard, and he regularly attaches pieces of unsalted fat to the keys with stainless steel screws. The screws control the sensitivity of the keystrokes since the birds weigh too little to actually type. Not only does the fat help the birds survive, especially in the cold weather, but with each peck they make on the fat, they tweet! The Twitter account is called @hungry_birds. This is the cutest thing ever, I love this!

Real Birds Tweet On Twitter

Real Birds Tweet on Twitter

Real Birds Tweet on Twitter