The Reasons Why Kittens And Bacon Still Go Viral Online [Infographic]

I realized how popular kittens and bacon were online back in 2009. They weren’t only popular on social media, but on the Internet overall. The crazy thing is, even now, over four years later, they still go viral. The fact that Grumpy Cat stole the show from Elon Musk, Al Gore and others at the most recent SXSW is evidence that cats aren’t giving up their Internet reign anytime soon. People waited in line for over 90 minutes to have their picture taken with the feline Internet celebrity.

And then there is one of my favorite meats in the whole world, bacon. Bacon isn’t as popular as cats when it comes to what will go viral, but it’s up there. Bacon is one of those things like LEGO…it simply makes the world a better place. There are few problems in life that bacon can’t help solve, so again, I’m not surprised that bacon still rules the Internet. However, the surprising part is that it is still popular after so many years.

If you are trying to write a piece that will go viral, consider incorporating cats or bacon into your post. Keep in mind, we’ve all seen a lot of high quality content for both of these, so you can’t expect to go viral with some mediocre article. It will still have to be good quality content of course.

This infographic called Kittens & Bacon: Why They Continue To Go Viral (by Marketo) sheds some light on these two Internet sensations. When you look at how many people search for cat and bacon online content each month, it starts to make sense. The trick is, how can you use cats or bacon to go viral, and at the same time, introduce new people to your brand? I suppose that is for creative marketers to figure out. At the time I’m writing this, Keyboard Cat has had 32,408,190 views on YouTube. I-n-s-a-n-e!

The Reasons Why Kittens & Bacon Still Go Viral

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Via: [Design Taxi] [CNN] Header Image Credit: [Bacon Cat]