Social Media Sites Explained With Adorable Kittens [Infographic]

I remember a year or two ago when somebody somewhere explained social media on a white board using donuts. It was probably in an office meeting, and I’m sure whoever wrote it never expected their scribble drawing to show up everywhere online. I think it was first posted on reddit as a way to explain popular social media sites, and ever since then, social media sites have been explained in almost every way imaginable.

I wrote an article that has 10 of those type of drawings which I found all over the web, and you can see them at 10 Ways To Explain Social Media To Those Who Still Don’t Get It. And, it’s still going on. People are still finding quirky ways to explain social media and all the popular social media sites using all kinds of random things like coffee, beer, cupcakes, bacon…and in this case, cuddly kittens.

This is a new version of the now infamous “Social Media Explained As,” and it’s called Social Meowdia Explained. It was only a matter of time before someone used the cats that the Internet loves so much to make this type of infographic (or chart), and I think they did a great job. It was created by Avalaunch Media. Out of all the ways you’ve seen social media explained before, have you ever seen it done with adorable kittens? There are even some social media sites on here that I haven’t seen listed before on these types of charts (like Yelp and Spotify).

I still have people who often tweet me and say they are new to social media. I had someone ask me yesterday what #FF is. I told him it is a spam-fest to avoid (just kidding). The point is, to us, these social media sites might be second nature, but to a lot of people, they are still confusing. Next time someone asks you to explain it all, just send him or her this chart. It’s the easiest way to make sense of the madness.

Popular Social Media Sites Explained With Kittens

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Via: [Social Media Today]