Find The Right Communication Method For Your Audience [Flowchart]

We have a lot of different ways to communicate these days. Without even thinking about it, we make dozens of decisions each day about which communication method to use with our friends, family and coworkers. For some people, a text might be appropriate. For others, it’s only Skype. For your grandmother, it’s probably an old-fashioned telephone call. I could go on and on.

I know some people who will only communicate over Twitter and Facebook. Everyone has his or her favorite communication methods. If you came here looking for a serious article about how to choose the appropriate communication method when talking to people, I’m afraid you will have to go elsewhere. This is a funny flowchart meant to make you smile today as you navigate through all those communication methods.

From a business perspective, choosing the right way to communicate is critical. If you are working with people all over the world, email and Skype will probably dominate your communication. If you are in the same physical space as someone, you might even surprise that person and walk into his or her office to talk face-to-face. I know, it will take a lot of effort to walk down the hall, but it could be worth it.

When I think back to how our parent’s dealt with these choices, it seems so much easier. Back then, you either called that person on the phone or went to his or her house to visit. That was it. This flowchart called What Mode Of Communication Should I Use? created by Wendy MacNaughton and Caroline Paul for Dell will give give you a little giggle today. If you want to read more about this topic, you can click over to Modern Communication In A Geek’s Workday [Comic].

A Flowchart To Help You Choose The Right Communication Method

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