Signs Of WhatsApp Addiction And Ways To Overcome It

Do you sleep with the phone next to your head so you don’ miss a text from your friend? Do you have an urge to check the WhatsApp when you get your notification? Here are a few signs that show that you might be hooked on this application. Do not get worried, we, as always, come to your rescue by providing you with a few great ways to conquer this addiction.

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Signs Of WhatsApp Addiction

  • The one sign is when you don’t want to take your eyes off your phone. Whether you are traveling or walking down the street, you keep banging into the poles, doors or walls.
  • The next sign is when you hear a sound of notification, but actually, there is nothing in it. Sometimes your phone bells the notification which you already checked a couple of minutes back. This happens when you turn your mobile data on.
  • The next one is when you keep checking the statuses and profile pictures of everyone in your list. Well, you need to get a life. Sorry about
  • The “last seen” as well as “online” statuses end up in World War 3, and the “double ticks” and “blue colored ticks” just walk in to make things worse.
  • The next one is when you take the most care of your messages and media and keep on taking backup WhatsApp.
  • The very first thing you want to see when you open the eyes every morning is your phone, rather than the cup of your black

Best Ways To Get Over WhatsApp Addiction

Steer clear of carrying your phone the very next time you go out to meet friends and family. If you really want to say something to someone, say it face-to-face where your friend can easily observe your true feelings and not via a text or a status. This normally takes a bit of gut and gives you a chance to think about your thoughts and opinions before you voice it out.

Indulge yourself in something you wanted to ever before. Do not always get your eyes glued to your WhatsApp, start taking classes of cooking, dancing or whatever you want. Read the book you liked the most.

Fight your craving, make an effort to check the phone once every two hours rather than every minute. Stay away from selfie fling every time you look attractive. Just have fun with the “feeling pretty” moment and enjoy. Who knows, there might be the love in your life falling in love with you at first sight, but you are too busy with your smartphone, and you never notice him or her!

A few years back many people were struggling with an addiction to Facebook or Twitter, today the number of people hooked on them has reduced to be replaced by things like WhatsApp. Now they are used to save their data and want to restore WhatsApp everytime they switch to another phone.

Long story short, with any luck, the tips mentioned above should help you to get over this addiction.

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