Simple Guide To Understanding The Value Of A Link [Infographic]

When you decide to try your success on the Internet, that usually means you will at some point own a website. If you already do and you are wondering why your super idea isn’t taking off, maybe it is because you do not yet understand the value of links coming from other websites to yours. Links can seem like a complex ecosystem at times, and researching them can easily leave a daunting impression. It can be tough to learn the tips and tricks about how to master this quite straight forward way of growing traffic. Einstein once said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough,” which could very well be the reason why this simple guide to understanding the value of a link was conceptualized.

The relationship between good traffic and link value is quite simple when you start looking at the factors that really matter. In a simple guide from SEOrisk (designed by David Zimmerman), we are exposed to the easy way of finding the relationship between these two. A simple guide is supposed to be easy to understand and follow, and this certainly is. It’s in the form of flowchart, but at the same time it isn’t.

In this guide (“flowchart”) called How Will A Link Help My Website?, we easily get to follow whether our links are valuable for traffic or search engine ranking (which of course also drives traffic). Search engine ranking can drive an insane amount of traffic if the SEO is done well. Learning how to do that is of course a whole different thing, but the value of the link can potentially increase your search engine ranking, which in turn will let more people find your content and click to check it out.

Have a look at your own links, and see how you are doing it. If you know of websites that are more popular than yours that link to your website, you can check out how they do it and from that gain further information. Basically what this simple guide says is that it comes down to the fact that if you get links from websites that have more traffic than you have (or have a higher PageRank than you), it will increase your search engine ranking as well.

This happens because Google (for example) thinks that if you have a link from a popular site that a lot of people visit, your website must be important and have some good and useful information. It’s simple really, and if followed correctly, it could potentially mean a lot of traffic for you. Give this guide a quick look and follow it to the bottom to determine what kind of links you are receiving. It’s a great way to increase traffic to your content.

The Simple Guide To Better Link Building


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