Social Brand Value: Leading Brands Compared [Infographic]

When building a presence on the Internet for your company and brand, it is important to give your customers and the people who like what you do a chance to interact with you. This in turn spreads the word about your brand and the products or services that you make available. However, as with everything, time is a commodity that is limited. We can only spend as much time on the Internet as there are hours in the day. So what do you do to solve this seemingly impossible algorithm? Well, you can’t really. Unless you hire a lot of people to actually stay on each “channel” 24/7, you will have to focus your energy on the service or approach that seems to work best for you and your brand.

Recently, Sociagility undertook a survey with the intent of revealing what global brands have the best impact with their social media campaigns, and the results are quite stunning. Of course, when measuring how social brands are connecting with their users, customers or fans, you can’t include brands like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn (or any other social networking service) since they are designed exclusively to allow people to interact with each other, which in turn would make them hog the top rankings for decades to come.

This infographic is based on brands that present a service outside the field of social networking. Yeah, I am fully aware that Google is present on the list, but Google’s services are way more than Google+. As a matter of fact, the Google+ networking service is only a small part of their entire business model, and because of that, apparently they are included in the research as well. I am quite baffled that FedEx, Walmart and Johnson & Johnson show up near the top of the list. Can you think of other brands that would fall into this list that seemingly weren’t even in the batch of brands researched?

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Via: [Cool Infographics]