Social Business Card: Create Instant Networking Profile Business Card

When it comes to business cards, I am probably the laziest person you will ever come across. I procrastinate getting new ones to the point where I actually have to sit there and explain to people why, after 5 years since Bit Rebels started, I still don’t have a business card. So far it’s been cool, and nowadays we exchange phone numbers and social media profiles anyway, right? If you still want a business card, you should have a look at Social Business Card.

It’s a new service that is pretty unique in its way of gathering information to put on your business card. It actually lets you automatically grab information from Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. It’s super fast, and it only requires two clicks and you’re done.

The Social Business Card generator will grab your name, job position, profile picture, header image and everything else that should go on a business card. It’s services like this that make running a business a whole lot easier. No more having to go through advanced design procedures or pay heavy cash just to have someone layout the business card for you. Social Business Card is super easy, lightweight and should suit the small business owner like a hand in a glove.

The worst part is actually that you don’t have too much control over the layout of your business card. It’s pretty much just one design all across the board. Maybe in the future when they have made it big, they will start adding new layouts so we’ll have more choices. It should be a pretty simple endeavor to add.

I think it’s a pretty interesting concept and one that deserves a whole lot more attention. With attention comes inspiration, and even though I like the simplicity of the process and website, it wouldn’t hurt to style it up a bit, add a few more business card choices and on top of that, add a few more social networking services to the mix. I think as long as the social network has an API, it would be fairly simply to add new networks. It’s definitely worth a try.

Instant Social Business Card From Your Networking Profile

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Social Business Card Service

Social Business Card Service

Social Business Card Generator