Social Media Brandsphere: Charting 5 Approaches [Infographic]

We all know that there are a million ways to use social networking, and your approach depends on which social media platform you are using. It varies from person to person, and staying true to yourself and your personality is always something that you want to do. If you don’t, people will follow or friend you for the wrong reasons, and you will quickly start losing friends that would otherwise help you increase your networking abilities. The stuff that you share is what could only be called your assets when you are trying to build up an audience on any social networking platform.

The way you accomplish the spread of the “stories” you share depends on what approach you choose. There are typically 5 different approaches you can use to spread a story that you either share or have produced yourself. As Brian Solis and JESS3 explain, the categories are Paid, Owned, Earned, Promoted and Shared. These can of course be interconnected to build even more reach.

However, depending on the way you choose to approach your readers or customers, there can be different results on different mediums. Have a look at this infographic/chart to determine where your focus lies since I am sure you will then see and derive the best approach to reach the focus group of customers and readers you initially intended to reach. It’s a bit confusing at first, but keep looking, and you will soon see the logic in it.

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Social Media Brandsphere Infographic Chart