Social Media Jobs Salary Guide [Infographic]

If you are new to the whole social media scene, you are of course wondering if there is really anyone working in it, like for real. I can tell you right away that it is quite a flourishing industry with more and more jobs being put on the map every day. To master it though is not the easiest of tasks, but once you have gotten around the bends and curves of how it all works, you should be able to make a pretty good living at it. That is, if you are any good at it. There are way too many scam artists out there telling people they are social media mavens, experts or even gurus (a word that is not rhyming well with the trade).

So what if you know your way around the social networks, the marketing procedures and all that jazz, what then? How would you know what to charge for your awesomeness, skills and services? That is where this simple article comes in. Onward Search put together a really useful infographic called Social Media Jobs Salary Guide that will do just what it says, guide you through the jungle of salaries and show you where you could expect to get employed within the social media sector.

It is quite a simple infographic with a straight forward format, and you should be able to derive the data that you are looking for quite easily. It is definitely interesting to see that the salaries are so different in the major social media markets in the U.S. These are of course just averages and could very well be more or less depending on your skills and location. If you are a master at your trade and know you will render good results from your work, I am sure that you could get paid a lot more for your knowledge and services than these averages suggest. It is just a matter of proving yourself before anyone will drop cash into your pockets. Know what you do, and know it well. And whatever you do, never call yourself a social media guru, it’s just not worth the time to explain yourself. How could you ever be a guru anyway since the social media landscape is continuously changing?

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Via: [NowSourcing] Header Image: [Walter Knapp]