Social Media Monitoring Tool for Business!

Social Media is changing the way we communicate our messages and how they are received by the people that reach them.  Social media platforms are the best way to go now since most people that are into the said platforms are open to receiving those messages. The challenge now for marketers, business owners and the strategists is for them to track, measure and see what messages are being filtered out and which ones are the most effective. This is very important because this will enable them to make the necessary changes or improvements if the messages they send out are not effective or efficient.

Users of social media share a lot more than just their opinions. Those who enter the social media domain leave behind a lot of clues about who they are and how they think via information found in social bookmarks, comments, engagement, influence, friends, followers, downloads, favorites, views, votes and links. From all of these user actions, you can measure what’s important, what ideas are gaining ground and who, or what, is having the biggest impact on your, or your client’s brand. – Social Media is measurable (Radian 6)

Radian 6 is a tool that will allow your teams to measure and manage your social media campaigns. Check out these videos on how they can help you!

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Preview of the Radian 6 Console – A sneak peek at the new Radian6 Engagement Console, a fluid desktop application that helps companies scale and coordinate their social media outreach and engagement throughout the enterprise. Available in April 2010.