Why Every Social Media Post Counts

In this day and age, people who want to be influencers of others or grow a personal brand that stands out in whatever field they might inhabit absolutely must cultivate an excellent social media following. And this following must expand beyond just their own personal acquaintances that they see and interact with on a routine level. You must able to reach out across state borders, even across country borders to find new followers who hang on your every post.

That means that you must keep in your consciousness the fact that every post that you make must be pitched to that wider audience of followers. It also means that you must be vigilant to make sure about the content of those posts.

The days of simply tossing off tweets or posts without too much forethought are over, at least if you want to really grow your following. For some people, the best way to go about it is to hire some assistance in the social media area, people who know just what it takes to build a following from years of experience helping others do it.

Gaining an audience, whether that means Instagram followers or adherents to some of your other social media accounts, takes strategy. It also takes concentration to make every one of your posts lands to the maximum effect, not only making a great impact with those who already are following you but also reaching out and pulling in more people to your growing social media orbit.

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1. The Viral Effect

Posts that are tossed off without any real thought put into them will receive the same kind of reaction from your followers: They will brush them off and forget they ever existed shortly after seeing them. The only chance that you have a created a post that can spread across a wide audience is if every element, from the picture to the text to the hashtags, is working together in concert.

2. The Negative Viral Effect

Of course, there is also the chance that a poorly conceived post can get you a lot of attention, but for all the wrong reasons. If you have a professional helping you with your social media account, you can avoid the kind of ill-advised post that will garner negative attention. Barring that, you should always think about an imaginary pause button that you should hit the second after composing a post. Don’t release that button until you’ve considered the ramifications of what you are about to post.

3. The Cumulative Effect

You have to always think about the big picture when composing your texts, whether doing so for a personal account or a business. If the latter, Instagram business tools can certainly help in this matter. If the former, try and conceive of your overall brand to make sure that every post fits the overall gist of that.

There shouldn’t be anything left to chance when you are trying to improve and solidify your social media following. That means that every post is the most important post.

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